The Friedens Community Food Pantry

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Community Food Pantry


The Community Pantry started years ago as a youth project.  No one could have imagined the need that would evolve.  It has gone from stocking weekly to several times a day and has become a community project and lifeline for many.

The need is greater than ever.  No one is turned away and it is a take what you need with no questions asked.  It is a drive-by available 24/7.

Non-perishable items and (sometimes personal toiletries) may be taken or added as you are able.  In season, you might find local produce from farmers in a basket beside the pantry.

This is a volunteer project of the church community.  Prayers may be added to the book found inside the pantry. Those prayers are included in the worship service prayer time.  Names are not necessary.

The pantry is located just before the junction of Wagoner Road (at the entrance to the Friedens Community Hut).   If interested in helping with the food pantry, feel free to add items or call us at 336-449-7421 or email: