Our team

Friedens Team

Bill Zima


Pastor Bill Zima was called to Friedens’s in 2009.  He received his Bachelor's Degree from Newberry College and later graduated from the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC (Now a division of Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, NC).  

He enjoys food and fellowship and is extremely active with our Youth.    He enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, celebrating our Lord and Savior, cooking, and learning new skills.  Pastor Bill and his wife, Jenni (also an ordained Minister) have a daughter Lydia (She prefers “Dia”).  Pastor Bill is excited about the opportunities and challenges of ministry in today's new environment.  His vision includes the entire community and beyond. 

Sharon Arnold

Church Secretary

Sharon is the church's superpower. (Secretary, Administrative Assistant, record keeper, etc,)   She is the glue that keeps the church running.  She keeps us informed through the bulletin, phone calls, email, and newsletter.  She is the cruise director that keeps committees and the Pastor informed of any necessary issues, and the voice people hear when they call.  She is a huge blessing to Friedens.  When at the church, check-in with her. She'll make your day better. 

Sarah Layton

8:30 Worship Music Director

Sarah has led our 8:30 am Sunday service for several years.  She brings a variety of skills to the Contemporary service and is instrumental in keeping services uplifting and engaging.  Whether she is directing the choir, or playing music, Sarah greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome.  

Elaine Fryar

11:00 Worship Music Director

Elaine brings many years of musical talents to our congregation.  She performs with a band called “Southern Sunday”, and has extensive training directing choirs.  She leads our Traditional Worship service and brings an array of musical arrangements for the congregation to enjoy.  Elaine has been a member of Friedens for a long time and we are grateful for her.

Roger Creasy

Chief Geek

Technology is Roger's middle name.  No, not literally but Roger keeps the team going.  His development skills help Friedens remain connected through our Live-Streaming and website.  He is our guru, go-to guy for techy issues, and fearless leader.  We are blessed to have him.