Need an Understanding Ear?

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Stephen Ministry

When you need someone to talk to…


Have you ever needed a person to talk to?  Someone who will keep your business between the two of you?  Someone who will dependably show up or call each week? Someone who will not judge you for your choices?  Someone who is not looking to give you advice, but will listen helping you explore whatever you want to talk about?  If you are looking for a person like this, a Stephen minister may be right for you. 

Stephen ministers are people who have been trained to listen and help others work through those times when life is toughest.  They are not counselors who are looking to dispense advice.  They are folks who will travel with you during a time of transition or tragedy.  If you have need, please call the church office at 336-449-7421, and we can talk further to see if a Stephen minister is right for you.   You are also welcome to fill out the form and someone will contact you in the next 48 hours.

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