Grief, Sorrow, and Helping Hands

Our Hearts and Prayers  are with you in Your Grief

If you are here because you have lost someone or someone is facing death, our Father is with you.  We know this because He answers our prayers.  Maybe the answer is not what we pray for but in His time, the answer will come.  We want to share with you in your time of need.  

The reality of the time between a passing until a funeral or memorial service is usually a blur.  We are here and would like to gently help in any way you may need, including using our church for a service.  We have the capability to record or live stream if there are folks who cannot attend.  We follow Covid precautions for in-person events.  There are some fees to cover utilities, cleaning, and services.  This is detailed in a policy we will provide if there is interest. You will meet with the pastor or a representative to plan the funeral service.  

We are here to help beyond the funeral.  We have folks who will walk beside you in this time of sorrow.  They will listen to you without judgment and keep your confidences private.   Simply click here to get started. 

Remember, in the darkest days Jesus is walking with us if only we let Him.