Start Your Life Together

Your Wedding Here


Congratulations on your engagement!  You’ve found that special someone with whom you want to make a deeper commitment to walk together for the rest of your lives.  You don’t know what your future holds, but you want to experience it all, holding each other. 

Weddings are not for members only.  For nominal fees to cover utilities, cleaning, and services, you can have that dream church wedding with the long aisle.  If you are interested, please call or email the church for a copy of the wedding policy.  A person will go over the policy by phone or in person.  In uncertain times, changes may be necessary.  To get an idea of perspective, this is a picture of our church decorated for Christmas 2020. 

Christmas 2020

You will meet with the pastor or a representative to talk about married life and plan the service.  This usually entails 3 one hour sessions.  

We are here to help beyond the wedding.  We have folks who will walk beside you in this time of transition. They will listen to you without judgment and keep your confidences private.   Please keep us in mind if you begin to feel overwhelmed in your marriage.  Simply click here to get started. 

Whether you have your wedding here or at another venue, we pray you have a memorable wedding day that is the start of a wonderful adventure.