Connecting with others


This is a small group entering through the entrance to a private home to fellowship, pray and grow together in grace.

These groups meet monthly (they have been put on hold during the pandemic).  The location is variable but may be in a private home, a restaurant, at another outing as planned by the "host".  Participants take turns hosting the event and making the appropriate arrangements.   If there is a cost, each person covers their own expenses. 

Recently, a group went bowling.  We are planning to arrange other Covid safe events in the near future.  Don't wait for an update on this site.  Call 336-449-7421 to document your interest and what you would like to see planned.  

Afterschool Childcare

Our childcare goal is to meet the afterschool needs of working parents who desire a safe, caring environment that caters to the child's needs.  We blend a church foundation with activities that include homework assistance, (Internet available), games, God's time, crafts. etc. 

Hours are designed to cover afterschool and teacher workdays and support the opportunity to build lasting friendships as they grow spiritually and intellectually in a professional environment with staff that has experience with children of these ages.

Afterschool registrations are being accepted.  Call us at 336-449-1140.


Circle of Friends

Are you interested in meeting new people, making new friends, and making a difference in our world?  The Circle of Friends is an active, women's only group of all ages that meet here at the church every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.   Good fellowship and projects that help those in need are hallmarks of this women's circle.   Interested?  Please call or email for more information.